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Locket Size Photos-Small Photos You Pick The Size
Locket size photos in Glossy or Matte finish you choose.Printed so the photo wont fade over time.Specify portrait or landscape.only €5 So your precious memories can be with you forever
Locket Size Photos
love heart photos
Starting from as little as €5.00 each

Highest Quality Photo Print Of Your Locket Size Photo.We send you a range of sizes in and around your  picked size So  you can choose The one that suits you  best

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Locket Size Photos

If you re looking for a locket size photo just make the best measurement in mm of the locket opening for the photo
Product Options
Add your own Photo
Orientation options available: Portrait, Landscape
Order now from as little as €5.00 each
Product Details
Printed at best quality possible
We print multiple sizes of sizes close to your measured size we will return print to you with all these sizes-just cut to size the one you want.
For insurance reasons we are unable to put the picture into the locket in our store but will provide you with the correct size
For insurance reasons please do not send your locket to us.We cannot put the picture in the locket which is usually quite easy to do. If you are need a professional to input your picture please contact your jeweller
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